Sunday, 29 January 2012


Hi Inspirations! 

Don't you just love a good custom-made piece of jewellery? A hand crafted one-off piece? I think ts always nice to know that the creative passion, time and effort have all gone into a piece that I am wearing, don't you? 
Well have any of you ever considered trying your hand 
at a some jewellery making?

Today we bring you the opportunity to be able to make your own jewellery, as well as purchase some beautiful pieces by way of a jewellery maker named Sylvie of a company called  'Jewelry Creations'. Sylvie not only creates her own jewellery designs at  'Jewelry Creations' but she also holds both private classes and group classes in jewellery making,  allowing others to learn to do the same for themselves! 

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, new gift idea or a new career in jewellery making- 'Jewelry Creations' could be the perfect option for you to get creative and maybe even make some cash along the way selling your pieces.

So how did Sylvie get into jewellery making?
Sylvie mentions on her blog "I always loved creating things. I knew that while recuperating from donating a kidney to my husband, I wanted to do something to relax. It was then that I focussed on creating jewellery". 

A lot can be gained from the experience of jewellery making as Sylvie pointed out, "It gives me joy when I find time to create. When I see my jewellery on someone, it makes me feel excited and proud"!
Sylvia's jewellery blog was even featured in the popular 'Craft Magazine' and is currently sold at NodEst Boutique in Plantation Florida! Go girl!

Interested in doing either a private or a group class with 'Jewelry Creations by Sylvia'?

Well you can get in touch today by visiting her blog!


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