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Santa's for the Homeless Campaign is a success in December 2016 #S4TH2016

The season of giving in December 2016 was festively ushered in as Celebrity Creations Management Founder, Singer-Songwriter and She Inspired Her Editor-In-Chief Crystal Emmanuel a.k.a. Crystxl King  brought incessant joy to those less fortunate in successfully creating, directing, promoting and participating in the philanthropic and uplifting Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign for the street homeless.

“I wanted to do something for the street homeless for a while now and I decided to focus on Christmas week this year knowing that this is a time of year where we all have access to luxuries like food, warmth, home, the company of friends and family and the privilege to open gifts from loved ones. Not everyone has that, but we all deserve it, so I got straight to work with my vision for the Santa's for the Homeless campaign in late October" said King.
The Santa's for the Homeless 2016 campaign created winter kits for distribution to the homeless and launched a successful campaign, reaching out to the public for donations of their unwanted winter clothing and accessories for the contents of some of the kits.

Venues who sponsored the Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign were Caritas Anchor House in Canning Town and Waterloo Action Centre in Southwark.

“I couldn't have done this without the help of those who got involved in the campaign and helped connect the dots to bring my vision to life, so I'd like to say a big thank you to our Venue Sponsors Carita's Anchor House and Waterloo Action Centre, our media sponsor In-Spire LS Magazine, one of our clothing donation Sponsor Retro Village and our lovely volunteers Unique Barnett , Ellon, Safiyyah, Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place and Mother and son duo Pat and Dominic” added the Beckton native.

The Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign was essentially designed with the intent of ensuring that the homeless and needy throughout east London and south London did not have have to withstand the daily survival mode throughout the ever-harsh British winter without daily essentials and necessities such as food, scarves, gloves, hats, water bottles and flasks to name a few.

Santa's for the Homeless 2016 wrapped gifts for the homeless at the Caritas Anchor House which is a hostel for the vulnerably housed two days prior to the inspirational event. Furthermore, the Emmanuel Parish Church provided breakfast for the homeless each week, whereas the Santa's for the Homeless 2016 team visited the Emmanuel Parish Church early morning on December 22 to surprise the homeless that they were coming in for breakfast accompanied with a plethora of presents. 

This morning (December 22) at Emmanuel Parish Church was incredible! One young guy who came for the breakfast seemed quite shy and reserved at the start and then he opened up his present to find a full Nike tracksuit inside that was pretty much brand new and you should have seen his face light up"! He put it on straight away and smiled and talked for the rest of the breakfast and left with a bounce in his step. That’s what it’s all about!" commented the Celebrity Creations Management entrepreneur.

 The Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign kick-started its positive and prosperous initiative with a litany of volunteers who donated and devoted their time to the Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign.

"Kindness, empathy, they don't cost a thing but the rewards that you receive are endless and can last a lifetime. I will do more and more of this as time goes on for sure. I loved the process and the results were heartwarming". Continued King as she expressed joy about the success of Santa’s for the Homeless 2016.

3-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine officially supported the positive Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign as an official media sponsor, whilst the Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign creator Crystal King UK inspired London to make a difference in spreading much-needed holiday cheer into the lives of the homeless this winter.

The hard-working and passionate Santa's for the Homeless 2016 team and volunteers all played pivotal roles throughout the Santa's for the Homeless 2016 campaign delivering with their happy-go-lucky, friendly spirits which infectiously uplifted the homeless who received unconditional love, tremendous warmth and optimism courtesy of the Santa's for the Homeless 2016 under the loving umbrella of Celebrity Creations Management; Celebrity Creations Management are already planning a similar philanthropic campaign for 2017 to supercede the Santa's for the Homeless 2016 campaign and potentially extend their reach into Essex and Kent.

The Santa’s for the Homeless 2016 campaign could not have been remotely possible without London warmly extending its heart in not giving a hand out, rather a much needed hand up in the season of giving. Santa's for the Homeless 2016 brought vast warmth and endless gifts to those who truly wanted something special this Christmas.
A huge thank you to all our sponsors:
Crystal King UK 
Instagram: @CrystalTheKing
Celebrity Creations Management 

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