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Swap Shops: BIG craze hitting London's Fashion Conscious in 2020

So we all pretty much know the definition of a swap right? 
You have something that someone else wants and they have something that you want - so you make a fair exchange - they take your item and you take theirs and then... Bingo! Two happy people are now in possession of what they wanted without parting with any cash directly, just their old unwanted item! It's actually an amazing concept, very simple and one that up until now was more associated with kids' Pokemon cards and teens' football stickers! 

Fast forward to today and we finally have a fantastic ADULT version of a great swap, all in the name of fashion and socialising!

With must attend quality pop-up swap shop events like the Luxe Swapz Fashion Swap Shop Boutique moving through London like wild fire, we honestly believe that swap shops could soon be the new night club alternative for the grown and sexy! Why? Well for example, the Luxe Swapz events created by London events agency Celebrity Creations Management include a fully pre-prepared pop-up boutique of clothes, shoes, accessories (many items being brand new with tags or pretty much untouched and others fresh and ready to go to a new home). This pop-up boutique moves around to different locations across London and is ready to browse through from the minute it's doors open, plus whatever clothing is brought down to the event by guests who have come to swap! They also have everything from music, prosecco and even rum punch to jumbo games, networking games and treats available to keep guests fully entertained while they browse and level up on the latest fashion to take home to their wardrobe!

It is clear from results and packed events that Fashion swap shops are rising rapidly in popularity across London and the US, and this is not just because of how great a concept it is, but also because of the ethical and eco-friendly benefits of swap shopping!

By not throwing away unwanted clothing and taking them down to a swap shop you are actually making sure that your old clothes do no end up as landfill. Instead you are recycling the clothing and letting it go to another home where it will be loved . The swap shop concept also allows people who can't really afford to shop every week for new clothes, shoes and accessories, the chance to constantly refresh their wardrobe without the hefty pricetags! I mean... what's not to love?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket to attend the next Luxe Swapz Pop-up Fashion Swap Shop Boutique today and tell us all about your experience when you are done!

Luxe Swapz will be popping up at The Pamper Sessions - Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show on Saturday 14th December 2019 at The Refreshment Room, Stratford, London E15 from 12pm-6pm where we will also be sponsoring the 'Santa's For The Homeless' campaign where we are encouraging all guests to bring along a coat, scarf and gloves set and/or blanket to donate to the homeless this Christmas period! Please give generously and tell a friend!

To get tickets to the next Luxe Swapz event Click Here 
Swap Shops: BIG craze hitting London's Fashion Conscious in 2020 Swap Shops: BIG craze hitting London's Fashion Conscious in 2020 Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 12:50 Rating: 5

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