During this period we all need to be keeping an eye on our mental and emotional balance and health. It can truly be viewed as a silver lining in these very unpredictable times, that we currently have the time available to start working on mindfulness and personal well-being.

The meditation apps 'Headspace' and 'Calm' are actually two of the most popular today and they usually would cost around £50-£60 per year for an annual subscription! So it really is a blessing to us all that they both made the generous decision to release FREE content specifically to help those struggling with anxiety and stress during this period.
Headspace has a collection called Weathering the Storm, which includes meditations, sleep and movement exercises. It's available on the app (for iPhone or Android), or you can access some of the content by visiting Headspace website

Calm is offering a 'calm masterclass, some 'soothing meditations', and also 'calm kids' alongside some great mindfulness resources. Take advantage of this great opportunity now and access Calm's Free Content
These apps can be a great aid for anxiety disorder and can provide some relief from anxiety symptoms. Take this time to look after yourselves and stay in touch with friends and family to check up on their well-being while social distancing, sometimes a 5 minute call can change the whole course of someones day. Why not share this post to ensure others can get access to these great free services too! 
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