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#HerFreelanceLife Part 2: How to use HASHTAGS to effectively promote your brand and more on social media platforms

Hashtags are absolutely all over place right now whether your seeing them being used on glossy ad campaigns; seeing them attached to a brand who are encouraging you to use their hashtag for some sort of incentive in return or seeing them trending on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags are so popular and catchy that we have even adopted them into our day to day conversations for example how many of you have ever ending a weird situation but uttering the phrase "HASHTAG AWKWARD" out loud!

So we have established that the majority of the socially savvy do know that hashtags exist, but do they actually know how to use them strategically? Do you know how to use hashtags for your business? Let's take a look at that today.

What is a Hashtag?
A hashtag is written with the use of a "#" symbol and is used on Twitter and various other social media platforms as an easy and effective way to index topics and/or keywords into one place for easy locating.

Hashtags became famous for use via Twitter primarily, before trickling onto other platforms for use in the same way. 
The main function of a hashtag is to allow people to easily follow topics of interest

Although hashtags have been used in this way for a while now, many people still do not know or understand the power of Hastags (#) for promotions, searches and business - hence the reason why I have decided to post this article for our dedicated readers today! 

So next, let's take a look at what hashtags can actually do for your business?

Useful things for businesses to know about Hashtags: 

- Hashtags can expand your content reach 
- Hashtags can help you to target your chosen market 
- Hashtags can place your content in the right place, fast!
- Hashtags can get you moretargetted followers
- Hashtags can improve your SEO
- Hashtags can help you get found by the right audience 
- Hashtags can lead to great sales and leads each day
- Hashtags are now used on EVERY social media platform

Hashtags can help you to promote and sell your business services and products as well as helping you to quickly FINDING the things that you are looking for under various topics and categories.

How can I find information, products and posts about key topics of interest using hashtags?

You can use hashtags on most, if not ALL social media platforms to discover tweets relating to specific topics and under subjects of interest to you. You can even use them to promote something relating to that same topic yourself too by simply using the same hashtag.

When searching for a key word or subject that you are interested in you can either:

1. Search the hashtag of that keyword in the search bar OR 
2. Click on that hashtag if you already see it somewhere on your timeline i.e if it has been tweeted by someone else if it was tweeted by someone else.

1. If you are a freelancer looking for freelance work OR 
2. If you are an employer looking for freelancers 
Then searching for or clicking on the hashtag:  #Freelance on Twitter is a great way to save time. Rather than searching through endless tweets you can just search directly for that particular hashtag! Why don't you take a moment and try this now to see what comes up!

Creating your own hashtags
You can also create your own hashtags to have all of your specific posts collected in one place! If you are the first to post it then tou are the creator of that hashtag!

For example lets take a look and listen to my daily vocals that I post on Instagram! (Yes here is your chance to see if I can actually sing)! Ok so Go to Instagram or GOOGLE search and type in the search bar: #CrystalKingsDailyVocal

Instagram will take you to a page showcasing all my live vocals that I have posted at home, on stage etc using that hashtag! Google currently have my instagram hashtag page for that particular hashtag ranked at the top of its search listings due. 

When you type the hashtag #CrystalKingsDailyVocal into your Instagram 'search bar' all of my live vocals that I have ever posted on Instagram will then pop up for you to check out! (Don't forget to follow me and to drop a positive comment to make my day)! :)

 You'll be surprised just how many opportunities are just sitting there under these hashtags, waiting for you to seek them out and act accordingly!

Here are my 6 recommended hashtags for freelancers to try out right away today on twitter - just use the search bar and insert the following hastags one by one to see what comes up:


So seek and ye shall find! 
Please leave comments and questions below this post
That's all I ask of thee 😁🙋🏽✨ Go for it! 

Article by Crystal King UK

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#HerFreelanceLife Part 2: How to use HASHTAGS to effectively promote your brand and more on social media platforms #HerFreelanceLife Part 2: How to use HASHTAGS to effectively promote your brand and more on social media platforms Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 13:18 Rating: 5

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