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Editors Pick: My Top 12 Interviews with Black Women in Business

Back in 2010, after 4 years of struggling to get a new business off the ground and continuously striving forward to claim the clients that I felt my Events Agency and PR company deserved, I decided to create an online platform called She Inspired Her!

I was so inspired by the other women within my rapidly growing network of self-made female bosses and I had noticed that many, especially black women like myself, who had so many great ventures, achievements, awards and stories to share, were so greatly and unfairly dismissed from the media spotlight. These women, businesses and brands were just not receiving the press or praise that they so clearly deserved.

She Inspired Her was born through my vision and desire to create an online platform for women in business and female entrepreneurs globally, that would not only promote their services and build their reach but also provide them with learning and career opportunities. A very important part of this vision was to also be able to tell their stories, giving the world an insight into the career journeys of female entrepreneurs and women in business across the globe and inspiring other women to know that they exist and that they can achieve the same.

I am proud that my platform is diverse and representative of worldwide women. Over the years I have published interviews with women from across the world including London, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Eastern Slovakia, Nigeria, L.A, Jamaica, New York and more! These many interviews sitting alongside career advice articles, job opportunities, guest articles from other female professionals, fashion, beauty, lifestyle content and more. 

Fast forward to the year 2020 and it has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for us all. I am inspired to write this post at a time when I feel like the whole world is willingly watching, listening and ready to take note of the voices and stories of black people (finally) and I truly do have some of the most positively inspiring interviews to look back on and share with you all, many of which did not get the views they deserved when published! So I have put together a collection of the most tenacious, intelligent, creative and inspirational black females from various industries, that myself and my team have had the pleasure to speak with and extract knowledge from for our loyal readers, for you all to enjoy!

I just want to say to my sisters and brothers of all races, we all want to be seen, we all want to be heard, we all want to matter; we all have this in common as human beings. All lives should matter, so when you hear people shouting 'Black Lives Matter' it is because black people everywhere want to be included in 'All Lives Matter' and in so many instances we evidently are NOT in the eyes and thought and actions of many - backed by the systems that govern the entire world! Black Lives Matter! So hear us without judgement, just read, listen, watch, learn, take action, progress. This is what is being asked of you.

If any of these articles inspire you, please share them so that these women's stories and businesses will be seen and heard! (Please note, as they are being re-posted, some promotions and deals in the articles below may have now expired - please contact the brands for new potential promotions). In no particular order, here are:

My Top 12 Interviews with Black Women in Business (and Arts) via She Inspired Her:

Interview with Maame Opoku of Beauty & Well-Being Brand MamaSia (Beauty Brand)

Interview with Karina Jemmott - Miss DEAF UK & Pageant Queen (Beauty & Inclusion)

Interview with Eryca Freemantle - Global Beauty Educator (Beauty & Diversity)

Life-changing Transformations: The Victoria Everest Story (Fitness & Well-being)

Interview with Lynn K. Hobson Author of 'Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist' (Music Industry)

BBC1Xtra Radio Personality and International DJ Melody Kane (Music & Radio)

RAYBLK - Winner of BBC Sound of 2017:  (Music)

Tayshan Languedo-Butt - Founder, Earth Elixir Haircare (Afro Hair)

Zodie Myles - Personal Shopper and Stylist at Zodie Styles (Fashion & Styling)

Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Curvy Chick Fitness CEO, Charity Lynette (Fitness)

Heidi Presents - TV Presenter and Mobile Beauty Therapist (Beauty & Presenting)

Sierra Leonne Born Recording Artist Yasmin Kadi (Music)

Article by Crystal Emmanuel

Find more articles and opportunities for women in business at: www.SheInspiredHer.com 

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